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On Trend: Frosty Colors Inspired by the Winter Olympics

Posted on Wed, Feb 05, 2014 @ 11:22 AM

Over 2,500 athletes from 88 nations around the world are eagerly waiting for the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in snowy Sochi, Russia. 

From February 7th to 23rd, the nations will gather to compete in games involving skiing, skating, sleighing, and of course, curling. 

I'm sure many of us--particularly those who have experienced not just one, but two Polar Vortexes--are tired of the colors (and unbearable cold) of winter. However, it's hard to deny the clean crispness of wintry whites and icy blues. Thankfully, it's very possible to borrow the beautiful shades of Sochi's slopes for our interiors without having to also bring those frigid temperatures inside.

Sochi 2014   Iceberg Skating Palace 01 hd

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Perhaps the most iconic landmark of this year's Olympics is the Iceberg Skating Palace, which boasts a stunning winter color palette, marking itself as the perfect site from which to gather inspiration.

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This sitting room, which can be found on California Paints' Flickr page, uses many splashes of the similar winter blues while still keeping itself warm and cozy. The above room features Frozen Lake with Kookaburra Licorice and Remain Neutral as accents.


Photo credit: Nest Design Studio 

Now, I know this bedroom doesn't host much color on its walls, but the colors it uses as accents are completely on point. I love the frosty feel of the different hues of blue and creamy whites made toasty by the thick textures of the blankets. For a similar feel, you should consider snowy shades such as Vanilla ShakeEarly Snow, and White Mountains. You may also enjoy accent colors such as Winter SolsticeSnow LodgeBachelor Blue, and Silver Skate.

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Photo credit: Syracuse University 

Another source of inspiration from the Winter Olympics is the landscape itself, surrounded by Krasnaya Polyana, the stunning mountain cluster on which many of the games will be hosted. 

Original Brian Patrick Flynn Winter Bedroom Wide Angled From Entry s4x3 lgPhoto credit: HGTV 

This bedroom, shown on HGTV's website as part of its winter-inspired bedroom gallery, bears a striking resemblance in its color palette as the mountains of Sochi. Grays and silvers work as slick neutrals reminscent of sparkling snow and ice of your favorite ski resort. Combine them with whites and frosty blues as you see above and transform any room into the coolest spot in your home. You may favor colors such as Silver SpringsPorpoiseTudor Ice or Drenched Rain.

Although winter will be coming to an end in about a month or so (fingers crossed!), the fun has just begun with the Olympic games. Watch the opening ceremonies this Friday while bringing the colors of the fresh powder you see on your television straight into your home! 




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