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History of Color: How WW1 Created Color Forecasts

Posted on Wed, Feb 20, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Ever wonder how the modern practice of color forecasting came to be? We turned up this feature from Technicolour, a BBC4 special dedicated to studying our understanding and use of color ranging from biology to fashion. 

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Embedded below is the fifth and final episode of the series (the rest of which can be found here): 

Selling Colour

Emerald may be the new black for 2013, but the process by which designers select next season's colours is a story that goes back to World War I. Tracey Logan finds out why a naval blockade, cutting Paris fashion houses off from the rest of the world, created today's colour forecasting industry.

Nowadays, retailers have tight controls over the colours they choose and how they are produced. Tracey visits Marks & Spencer to find out how digital technology ensures they manufacture exactly the same shade of green across different fabrics, from your woollen coat to leather shoes.

Topics: color trends, historic colors, color forecasting, color history

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