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Reinventing Red: A Color Expert's View on Red Paint Trends

Posted on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 04:10 PM

Our in-house Color & Design Strategist, Kristin Summer, was interviewed by The Paint Dealer magazine talking about their color of the month: Red.

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Q: When they come into a store, what information do they already have (right or wrong)?

K: The misperception of “paint and primer in one”.  To acquire the true color of a red on your wall you really should prime your walls with a gray primer. 

Q: Are consumers even thinking red these days?

K: Red doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was about back in the late 90s and early 2000s, but still can look great and not outdated. Red can make a room look unique, rich and elegant.

Q: Are homeowner/business owner perceptions of red "accurate?"

K: My best advice for a business owner or home owner is to have a good game plan of what the room will be used for and what look you’re trying to achieve. 

A few questions that would be helpful to ask are:

  • How much light does the room get?
  • What style are you looking for?
  • What is the trim in the room? If it’s a wood tone and the red shade has a blue base or deep burgundy it will give the room a nice warm glow. A true white trim can make the room look modern or eclectic with a bright shade.

Warmer white shades can help you acquire a Tuscan style look with a nice deep tone red.

Q: Red is generally considered a passionate color, are there shades or applications where reds can calm someone down? 

K: That’s a great question. I’m big into color theory and how the color of a room can completely change the atmosphere and environment of a home.  A lot of how a color is perceived by someone has to do with past experiences and can change from culture to culture. But as a general idea the color red evokes the feel of energy, passion and power.

Q: What's the red trend these days?

K: Red trends are more towards a glamorous look. This can be done by a Southern Country style look or Warm Bohemian feel as the image above in our Hot Jazz color DEA107. But again we can see red included in an eclectic style as pop color as a highlight wall or accent pieces. 

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our pinterest Board collecting various interior designs and color schemes featuring reds and pinks!  

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