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It's Not Easy Buying Green (Paint)

Posted on Mon, Feb 11, 2013 @ 09:59 AM


Guidelines for Selecting an
Environment Friendly Interior Paint

 A Healthy Home Requires Healthy Paint: VOC levels affect children and infants

As we progress into the New Year, we hope that your resolutions are still intact.  If these resolutions include completing an interior paint project while securing the good health of yourself and your family then this article will be of particular interest to you! “Green” Paint offers a solution to both of these demands, but we’re not talking about the tint here, as much as the eco-friendliness of your paint. Many people often forget when planning a painting project how it immediately affects the environment in which their family lives.

Only 50% of VOCs are emitted from paint after 1 year

California Paints makes a variety of environmentally friendly interior and exterior paints, however a majority of people focus on purchasing such paint for indoor projects (where the effect on  air quality is immediately noticed). Our “green” paints meet the criteria of all of the biggest names in ‘green’ standards. Furthermore, our colorant system, Trillion, adds zero VOCs.


Don’t know what we mean by a VOC?
Ethyl Acetate molecule

Ethyl acetate is a common VOC additive (a solvent) with uses from decaffeinating coffee to hardening paints [Wikipedia]

When we refer to VOCs, we are using the acronym for volatile organic compounds. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) describes, “Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.” Numerous products contain VOCs, both naturally and as additives, from wine, to cleaning supplies, to paint. Given how we are still not 100% certain of the long term effects of various VOC exposures, some feel it is prudent to simply just avoid concentrated exposure whenever possible (such as an indoor paint project). The EPA has found concentrations of VOCs in indoor air to be 2 to 5 times greater than in outdoor air and sometimes far greater: during certain activities indoor levels of VOCs may reach up to 1,000 times to that of the outside air. A low or zero VOC paint will help protect you (or your clients, family, etc.) from exponentially increasing their risks from VOC exposure.


VOC Free Flawless Elements by California Paints

The Flawless Elements line boasts Zero VOCs while delivering the premium results that is expected from a luxury paint


This demand has led manufacturers such as California Paints to create highly advanced paint formulas that promise a variety of professional performance attributes while not posing a risk to your family’s health (not to mention the environment). The allowance of VOCs in green paint is determined by a several different standards agencies, which we strive to satisfy across the board. These standards include but are not limited to:

greenwise logo
  1. GREEN WISE- Created by the Coating Research Group, INC, the greenwise standard is one in which paints are accurately measured. In order for a paint to qualify as GREEN WISE it much meet lov VOC requirments, odor tests, and be free of certain harmful chemicals.
  2. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – LEED is the leading green industry standard across building industries. Their internationally recognized standards help promote sustainability and environmentally green building practices.
  3. Green Seal – To help support a sustainable world, Green Seal developed standards for products, services, and companies that promote green practices.


Environmentally Preferred Interior Paint
Zero VOC Envirotec commercial paint by California Paints
Envirotech is our commercial grade Zero VOC paint which is essentially odorless.


California Paints is proud to offer several zero VOC paints via the Flawless Elements and Envirotech paint lines. In traditional paint, the amount of VOCs found in paint would increase in correlation to the sheen. The higher the sheen of your paint, the higher you could expect the VOC count to be. However both Flawless Elements and Envirotech boast zero VOCs across their entire collections, making them the preferred paint for use indoors when keeping your family’s health in mind. Both paint lines provide exceptional durability, ease of application, and zero odor! Although Super Scrub, Unite, Pacific, CalPro 2000, and Nextech are not zero VOC compositions, they do all promise low VOC formulas in addition to their own unique performance qualities.

See the end result of our Flawless Elements paint from both the color expert and home owner perspective.

VOC content isn’t limited to the paint solution that is produced at the factory, as most colorant tinting systems ultimately add VOCs to the paint as well.  However, when California Paints are tinted with Trillion (check with your local dealer to ensure they do), no extra VOCs get added to our paint. It also produces a paint with high hiding quality and will thus require less coats than a competitor's brand. As Trillion will not add extra VOC when tinting, and it’s quality of needing less coats, you will find that many of our paint lines outside of Flawless Elements and Envirotech still qualify as low VOC paints. As previously mentioned, any of our paints tinted with Trillion will not only provide you with a healthier paint compared to conventional systems, it will also give you superior paint that performs as originally intended. To learn more about the benefits of Trillion, catch up with this blog post!

In conclusion, it’s easy to paint green this new year with California Paints’ green products.  To learn more about the products feature in this post check out the links throughout or visit our Green Products Page. And don’t forget to request your free green coatings resource guide, which will prove a useful resource for green archtects and designers listing VOC specs for our Green coatings, as well as end users with the listing of more details how our products meet various Green standards.


Green Coatings Resource Guide

Green Paints by California Paints Post and image rendering by Victoria Elliot

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