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Wishing You a Colorful New Year!

Posted on Fri, Jan 04, 2013 @ 03:04 PM


Happy New Year!

2012 has been an exceptional year for California Paints. We have made incredible strides across the board! Our re-launch looks spectacular! It paved the way to launch this blog. (Oh my, what would I have done without this blog this year...)  We have also built a profound Facebook and Pinterest presence. In regards to our paint, Fres~Coat Exterior Paint was rated #1 again in an independent study! Plus we released some beautiful and very useful color tools including the 2012/2013 Trend Book and the Superior Interior Color Card. We have accomplished such a great deal in 2012 that it would be a crime to not recap! So in true New Year's fashion I'm counting down our favorite things of 2012 as well as few that we are eagerly awaiting in 2013!

2012: In review

  1. Our redesigned web page includes individual color detailed pages that provide recommended color schemes, the ability to share your favorite colors via a variety of social media outlets and in the case of the 20th Century Palette, these pages include full bios.  The site also features inspirational galleries, project guides, and featured color palettes such as our 2012/2013 Color Trends and Designer Selections.  Plus it's fresh design looks great!  Who could complain about that?
  2. 2012/2013 Trend Book: The 2012/2013 Trend Book and accompanying fandeck are by far my favorite items of the year.  It includes 4 palettes inspired by Global Color Research and California Paints most commonly tinted hues to produce an unbeatable arrangement of neutrals, brights, and bolds.  The endless combinations can produce the perfect scheme for any architecture and any style.
  3. Yellow: Although Pantone didn’t dub yellow the 2012 color of the year, I’d say it generated more buzz than Tangerine Tango! The main discussion revolved around the idea that yellow was the “new neutral”.  Well here at Cal Paints neutral is a pretty lose term and we accept its fate to be ever evolving to encompass more and more colors. (Check out my Neutral Post for more info) It's undeniable that Yellow was everywhere in 2012! From the yellow and gray craze (personally this was my favorite trend of the year) to warm yellows popping up in trend reports from a variety of sources.  I’d say yellow made the statement of the year! Featured Yellows: Craftsman Gold (20C), Curry (HC), Goldernrod (HC)
  4. Superior Interiors: Reformulated and redesigned, our Superior Interiors collections made its way onto shelfs in 2012. Super Scrub, Fres~Coat Unite (previously known as Fres~Coat Interior Paint), and CalPro all sported a fresh label design and an improved formula that promise better coverage and durability. To learn more about these projects visit the experts at your local dealer or you can find them online at!
  5. Blog: California Paints’ Blog is now fully functional and a wealth of information. Whether you need color advice, technical information, or are simply searching for project inspirations, California Paints has got you covered. Our most popular posts of the year are…. DRUM ROLE PLEASE….The Best Colors to Sell a House! Followed by Mid-Century Modern Colors for Interior Paint and Top 3 Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors. As for my personal favorites, I enjoyed writing How to Tackle Dark Rooms and How to Use DIY paint Techniques the most!

 2012 Recap

2013: A Color Forecast

  1. Pantone Color of the Year- Emerald: Pantone has recently announced its 2013 color of the year selection and has chosen a deep and vibrant Emerald! Check out our favorite Emerald hues and some interior inspiration below! Emerald Inspiration: DE5629 Emerald Ring, Emerald City (20C), DE5699 Emerald Pool, Beatnik (20C)
  2. Pantone Colors of Spring 2013: Along with Emerald, Pantone has also announced its spring 2013 fashion color report.  The top 6 colors of choice including emerald looked awfully familiar.  It only took me a moment to realize why! Have you figured out where you know them from? Well our 2012/2013 Coastline Trend of course! Although not identical they bear a striking resemblance.  I like to call it the home décor’s take on springs' fashion color trends.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?! Anyway I’m particularly enthusiastic about the use of Coastline this spring and hope you are too! Featured Coastline Hues: Seal Blue (HC), DE5786 Eastern Sky, Viscaya (HC), Lyman Camellia (HC), Codman Claret (HC)
  3. Art Deco Revival: I expect that with the much anticipated release of The Great Gatsby this spring, Art Deco style is going to explode across a varity of design and I simply cannot wait! Our 20th Century Colors of America feature a whole category of colors that originated in the Art Deco movement including the fittingly named hues below.  Feel free to check out our Gearing Up for Gatsby Pinterest Board for further examples and plenty of Art Deco inspiration. 2013 bring on the glory of a little roaring 20’s revival! Featured Art Deco Hues: Art Deco (20C), Bauhaus (20C), Gatsby Gold (20C), Grant's Guest (20C)

 2013 Forecast

In Conclusion

You can find out a whole lot more about the topics mentioned above by exploring our website, blog, and the links featured throughout.  As a bonus aid please download our free digital copy of the 2012/2013 Trend Book! You won't be sorry you did! From all of us here at California Paints, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year full of colorful inspiration!

Free Download:2012/2013 Trend Book (PDF) 

Happy Scheming!


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