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Trillion Paint Color and In-Store Tinting..... Know the benefits!

Posted on Mon, Dec 03, 2012 @ 09:51 AM

One of the greatest benefits of choosing California Paints, besides supporting a local paint retailer, is how we tint our paints to ensure your favorite colors look and last.  Trillion is our exclusive super strength colorant tinting system. When you choose a paint color and type of paint, the paint has to be tinted at the store location to produce the exact color. All paint stores tint paint, but California Paints' Trillion exclusive tinting system is 3.5 to 4 times stronger than conventional systems.  This allows for plenty of benefits, including some you might not expect! 


The super strength of Trillion provides more opaque and enriched color than any other tinting system.  The amount of colorant needed to achieve the desired color is actually less than other systems due to the super strength of Trillion.  This allows the paint’s features to act as they were intended to, rather than being altered or covered up by excessive amounts of colorant. 

When choosing California Paints tinted with Trillion, the finished coat of paint will have superior coverage and increased color saturation.  Trillion's unique chemistry provides superior color retention, enhanced scrub resistance, improved resistance to water spotting, greater burnish resistance, and better blocking resistance. If you are looking for a paint that covers with fewer coats, is durable for even kitchen and bathroom use and will have a deep and rich long lasting color.

Same colors tinted with Trillion (left) versus conventional colorant (right)

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Trillion Super Strength Colorant system does not add any VOCs to the paint upon tinting. VOC measures the amount of volatile organic compounds that are in paint and other products.  VOCs affect indoor air quality and also impact the environment.  The lower the VOCs the more “green” and healthy the paint is.  Regardless of paint brand or tinting system, the darker or deeper the chosen paint color, the more colorant is needed to achieve the final shade.  More colorant means more VOCs.  But, with Trillion, no matter the color you choose, less colorant will be used no additional VOCs will be added.  Compare that to traditional colorants that add approximately 51 g/L for every 4 ounces of colorant and the choice is obvious! Trillion over traditional colorants every time! To learn more about buying green paint read our guide!

Trillion Zero VOC

Versatile and Cost Effective

The flexibility of Trillion allows it to tint any of California Paints’ products! All of our paint lines from UNITE, to Pacific, to CalPro 2000, and even primers and stains can be tinted with Trillion. Paint tinted with Trillion provides superior coverage and allows for fewer coats meaning you’ll need less paint.  

To review:

  • All paint is tinted with colorant at the point of sale to achieve the customer's desired color.

  • Trillion colorant is 3.5 to 4 times stronger than conventional colorant.

  • Using Trillion requires less colorant which allows for the original properties of the paint to stay intact and perform as intended.

  • Trillion does not add any VOCs to the paint.

  • Trillion offers superior coverage which means fewer coats, money saved, and time well spent!

California Paints is proud to offer Trillion through most our independent dealers. Remember, the paint and color you choose is greatly affected by the tinting system employed at the store! A price difference of just dollars per gallon can often mean the difference between paint that lasts two years versus paint that can last a decade, so be sure to do your homework and weigh factors beyond convienance and lowest price tag. To find out more about Trillion visit the Trillion info page on  Alternatively, find your local dealer, and have them show you the difference. 

(Edited 5/2013)

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