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Exterior Paint for Front Doors

Posted on Fri, Oct 12, 2012 @ 02:53 PM

Front Door Paint Colors

Now that fall is in full swing, it is time to prepare for the approaching holidays. Which means plenty of front porch decorating!  From pumpkins to wreaths, it's time to get your front door prepared for plenty of attention.  What better way to prepare your front door than with a fresh coat of exterior paint?! Here is some of our best advice on how to choose colors and feature perfect hues for any door.  Check it out!

Red Door

Guidelines for Choosing Front Door Colors 

The color of front doors fall in an accent category when scheming the palette for your house. Therefore, the color should be an accent! Not that typical "bright" accent, but you should never be afraid to go bold with your front door. Especially because it is important to create contrast between your front door and the rest of your house.  This contrast allows for the door to be a focal point and should be inviting. If you have a dark house, pick a light tint, and if you have a light house pick a darker hue.  Just make sure the color you choose isn't out of place in your exterior color scheme or with the environmental setting of your house.  

Our final pointer? Your front door should be the only part of your exterior that is painted that particular color. This gives you even more freedom to have fun and really make it pop! I've selected a variety of my favorite front door colors from a few of our palettes. Notice how I only picked brights and bolds...

front door colors

Top Row: Historic Colors of America 

Middle Row: 20th Century Colors of America

Bottom Row: Perfect Palette Accents


Front Door Contrast

 The warmth in the brown door contrasts greatly with the cool blue and crisp white of the house. 

How to Paint Your Front Door

Painting a small space like a door may seem like a simple process. For the most part it is, especially if you follow these few tips and tricks.

  • First remove all hardware from your door and wipe surface clean. Then depending on the type of paint you use determines the paint tools you'll need.  
  • If you are using a oil based exterior paint, you can use a roller and brush. 
  • If you are using latex exterior paint, only a brush is required. 

Now a word of caution.  You will most likely leave your door on its hinges and therefore run a chance of paint dripping.  Be careful with the amount of paint you put on your brush.  You'll need a couple of coats, so there is no need to change it.  Start painting with the outside edges.  After that is complete, paint the edges of the panels and then the rest of the panels. You will especially need to watch out for dripping collecting in the corners. Complete with a second coat! Once dry reinstall all your hardware and you have a beautifully painted door!


For plenty of front door inspiration visit our Knock, Knock Pinterest Board.


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