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Interior and Exterior Paint Color Trends for Fall

Posted on Fri, Sep 14, 2012 @ 12:58 PM

Phoenix Inspired ExteriorLabor Day has come and gone. Here at California Paints were are gearing up for yet another fall in New England. Personally, this season is my favorite time of year.  Who doesn't love back to school activities, football season, the crisp autumn weather, and of course the COLORS?  New England is known for its colorful falls. Seeing as we reside in the heart of it, what better way to celebrate than by sharing some of our favorite bold and bright fall palettes with you! Hopefully it'll inspire a bright and warm interior paint project or two!

Fall's Trend Color Palette

California Paints' Phoenix trend palette has the perfect colors for any fall inspired interior project.  The hues are warm and bold but still appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The palette mixes warm golds, deep reds, and timeless neutrals that when combined can create looks ranging from clean and classic to bold and groundbreaking.

The best part about the Phoenix palette? It includes my favorite colors of fall; Craftsman Gold and Curry.  Not only are they trending for the years 2012 and 2013 but they are also representative of the gold in Pantone's Fall Color Report.

Craftsman Gold is featured in California Paints' 20th Century Colors of America collection. A warm yellow-gold, this hue also contains hints of orange and gray.  Curry, in comparison, contains more yellow and green hues while still being a very warm gold. It also has a gray presence and originates from the Historic Colors of America palette. Trending Fall Golds

This season yellows paired with neutrals are HOT! There are plenty of great color schemes within the Phoenix palette that showcase these gold and neutral combinations in a variety ways. Take a look!

yellow scheme 1

Utilize this bold scheme of DEA187 Kookaburra Licorice, Curry, and Gropius White to achieve a classic yet stunning statement in both exterior and interior projects.  Kookaburra Licorice is the perfect accent in this sheme.  For exterior use, paint your door this dusty black.  Or the utilize the color as a statemnt piece in your interior space, like a couch, table, or cabinet! 

yellow scheme 2

Recognize the above color scheme? It's already been featured in my post on yellow! It's one of my favorites! DE6190 Ball of String, Craftsman Gold, and DE6199 Pale Beach combine to create more of a traditional feel that is warm and inviting! These three colors can be combined in different varieties.  The amount of each color in any particular project depends on what message you want it to convey.  Have fun experimenting with the amount of yellow present in this scheme.  Either way Craftsman Gold is sure to stand out.

yellow scheme 3

To achieve an updated twist on complementary colors pair Craftsman Gold with Muted Mulberry and accent it with Gropius White. The contrast is striking! Just be careful not to let Craftsman Gold and Muted Mulberry compete for as the focal color.  Choose one of the two and build your room around it.

Looking for more trending colors of fall? Here are few more to love, based on the Pantone Fall Color Report. Try mixing a classic deep brown and light mauve-gray with a trending icy purple, bright teal, and citrusy green. These colors are great because when combined they can create palettes that vary widely from traditional and clean to daring and different. They are also cool in nature which is a nice balance to the warm variety found in Phoenix!

fall trend colors

DE5551 Asparagus Fern, Electric Trim, DE6094 Canyon Dusk, DE5698 Tropical Kelp, DE5976 Veiled Violet

Now that you have plenty of Fall inspiration, get out there and start projecting! To learn more about the Phoenix palette click the button below to get a free 2012/2013 Trend Book to learn about all the trends! Even better right?

Free Download:2012/2013 Trend Book (PDF)




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