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A Modern Makeover: The Big Reveal

Posted on Fri, Sep 07, 2012 @ 02:44 PM

Modern Makeover

DIY Paint Makeover 

It's finally here! The makeover reveal you have all been waiting for in all it's Stainless Steel beauty! Let's review with some before photos, shall we? Or check out my earlier posts here and here. Take note of the placement of the desk and the dresser. 

Drum role please....

DIY makeoverDIY makeover


TADA!!! I paired my yellow and purple wall with mostly black and white accents that included my bedding, furniture, and pictures to keep the custom pattern the focal point.  I reused as much as possible from my black and white themed room at home, including my updated cork board featuring maps and postcards from my trip abroad. I finished off the bed side of the room with a white shelf filled with keepsakes.  Lastly, I managed to squeeze a queen size bed on a custom frame that is almost as tall as me! Good thing my high ceilings allow for this extravagance! The height allows for plenty of storage and surprisingly doesn't clutter the space! I feel like a queen when I wake up in the morning! Who doesn't love that?! 

DIY makeover

 DIY makeoverDIY makeover


Moving to the opposite side of the bedroom... I removed my closet doors and replaced them with textured sheer curtains that I also used on my lone window! The curtained closet, with the aid of a couple mirrors, helped keep this small space open.

DIY makeover


And finally for the desk and dresser reveal! I placed both pieces in the location I found them in to utilize my limited space.  The white paint job simplifies the patterned wallpaper elements, which is ideal since it doesn't compete with the patterned chaos of the opposite side of the room.  I paired both the updated desk and dresser with black accents to tie it in with the rest of the room. In regards to the desk, if you look carefully under the gleam of the Plexiglas you can see the pattern from the wallpaper.   In order to keep the desk space simple (I'm the queen of clutter), I simply topped it off with a patterned lamp and single picture frame! The mirror allows it to serve a dual purpose as a study space and a vanity.  Whatever I'm in the mood for! Overall I feel the furniture blends seamlessly with the overall affect of the room. What's the best part about my furniture redesign? Most never guess that it's the same furniture from before!

Want to learn more about the furniture makeover? Check out my previous post here!

DIY makeoverDIY makeover

I never want to leave my room to say the least.  It's more spacious than I could have ever imagined and the furniture surpassed all my expectations.  I have to constantly ask myself, "Did I actually do that?" Its fantastic!

The take away from this endeavor? Push yourself to your design limits! Try new things! Mix the old with the new! You never know what will happen and how you will surprise yourself!

It's finally finished!!!!! But now how should I fill my time? Have any projects suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment!



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