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A Modern Makeover: Furniture Redesign with Interior Paint

Posted on Tue, Aug 21, 2012 @ 12:52 PM

modern makeover

 A "Gripping" Redesign with Interior Primer

Although my summer internship has come to an end, California Paints has decided to keep me on to continue documenting my crazy endeavors in the DIY/Paint/Color world! My first order of business? To finally get you that furniture design I promised ages ago, which means we are also getting close to the great bedroom reveal.  I'm practically drooling in anticipation (gross I know). It's that spectacular! I'm not sure if you caught the furniture in the pictures from my introduction to this series.  If you have, you would have guessed by now that they really weren't doing much for the overall effect.  Here's some pictures in case you missed it... 

dresser makeoverdresser makeover

 (The desk and dresser that was left by my room's previous tenants.)

Unfortunately for me this furniture is made out of laminate/vinyl fake wood, which meant a little more work for me.  No fear! All it took was a power sander, Grip Coat Primer, paint, and some patience. Take a look...

1. Remove all handles and unnecessary hardware, such as the shelf of the desk.

dress makeover

2. Using the power sander, sand all surfaces of the furniture until you see white flakes appear.  It is important that you don't under sand but also that you don't over sand. If you under sand the primer won't absorb into the wood like the picture on the left.  The picture on the right is of a sanded surface that is a bit over sanded.  Shoot for a little less white than that. 

 primering furnituresanding furniture

3. Prime all surfaces.  I used two coats of Grip Coat to be safe.

primer furniture


Finishing Touches 

Here is where I went a little crazy.  If you are on Pinterest, you might have seen the paintable wallpaper dresser makeover.  Well I loved it and just had to try it. Here are the steps I took to complete this phase of the project.

1. I cut 5 pieces to fit the faces and the drawers and 2 pieces to fit the top surface of my desk (daring I know).  I followed the directions of the wallpaper packaging and adhered the pieces to their corresponding surfaces. 

dresser DIY

2. After waiting the recommended 24 hours, I painted one coat of Sugar Sugar DEW380 on the entire piece of furniture including the wallpaper. 

3. Once dried, I finished both pieces off by adding some brand spanking new handles to the dresser and Plexiglas to the top of the desk.

dresser DIY

Now that the furniture is finished I just have a few more steps to finalize my room. Stay tuned for the furniture reveal along with the rest of my bedroom next week! Can't wait!

'til next time,



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