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Art Deco Colors for Your Modern Home

Posted on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 09:50 AM

How to Design with Art Deco Colors

When decorating there are a myriad of ways to go with your décor. One of the top tips in the design field is to go with the style of your space. If you are in an Art Deco style home you can draw from the 1920's era and create a space that is reminiscent of that time, or opt for something more modern. Even if your home doesn't resemble this extravagant style, selecting Art Deco colors for your interior rooms will change the way your space feels.

art deco border

Inspired by Gatsby

Are you craving a living room fit for a flapper? Art Deco interiors have clean curving lines and the colors are very bold. Bright golds and deep greens work very well together as art, fabrics, and paint colors. Contrast navy blue walls with a pop of red in your curtains. Gray walls are a great backdrop for a bright orange couch with a curved back.

Prominent Art Deco colors are:

Art Deco Dining RoomBright Gold
Primary Red
Primary Green
Bright or Deep Blue
• Black and White

Clean Lines

If bright colors remind you more of the 1980’s in Miami, you should opt for Art Deco colors in a neutral palate. Decorate your space with cream or light grey walls. The lighter colors will let the sweeping lines of Art Deco architecture stand out. Think about the arching curves of the Chrysler Building as your inspiration. Paint the walls of your Art Deco space one color and the moldings a slightly darker shade.

Be Bold

Monochromatic color palettes were very popular in the Art Deco time. You don't have to simply paint your wall silver. Use horizontal bands of Art Deco color to add depth to the room. Long wide bands look great in a dining room. Contrasting colors work well for defining chair rails and setting a height at which to hang plates or photos.

Art Deco Living Room

Let your inner flapper child out! The Roaring 20’s are coming back in a big way. Selecting colors for your Art Deco interior is simple. Stay with two or three colors, bright or neutral. Add silver accents such as mirrors or candles. Grab your favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald book and you are ready to swing.



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