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Selecting Interior Paint Colors: Color Experiment

Posted on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 @ 02:04 PM


Color Theory


Avoiding "Paint Color Regret"

Have you ever experienced buying an interior paint color at the store just to discover it looks completely different when you apply it to your walls at home? This may be due to one of two reasons.  First, it could be due to a difference in lighting between your home and your independent paint dealer.  Secondly, the appearance of your selected color could change based on the colors it is in close proximity with.  Don't believe me? Check out this cool experiment featuring Coastline - one of California Paints' 2012/13 trend palettes!


Citadel BlueSeal BlueGourmet Honey

Here we use Citadel Blue, Seal Blue, and Gourmet Honey for this experiment. Scroll down so only the first rectangle and the text below can be viewed on your screen.

Color TestAre the middle squares the same color or two different colors? If you are having trouble deciding, squinting your eyes may help. Once you've made up your mind scroll down to the next box for the answer!

Color Test Results

Tricked ya! They are both Citadel Blue.  Placing it on the different color fields resulted in this blue looking like two completely different colors, but it was just an optical allusion!

Color Experiment Take-Away

To avoid "paint color regrets", pick items (not just a paint color) that you want to be focal points in your room. Many people tend to pick paint color first and then work around it when selecting furniture and accent pieces. Determine what will be featured in the room before picking your final color.


 Meet the rest of Coastline Trend Palette

This palette in an interior space is a great way to bring the outside in. Our Mediterranean examples provide inspiring nautical palettes that are so unlike our own here in New England.  Sounds like the perfect escape to me! Now if only I had a space to recreate the dramatic arches and colors of the Lagos beaches...

Coastline Palette

You can learn more about Coastline and the rest of the 2012/2013 color trends here! Also don't forget to download a FREE electronic copy of our Timeless Trends 2012/2013 book.

Free Download:2012/2013 Trend Book (PDF)


 Stay tuned for more on Color Theory coming soon!


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