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A Modern Makeover with Interior Paint

Posted on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 09:29 AM

Reviving 20th Century Paint Colors

Great News! My first ever apartment lease has just begun! Which means, I have a large amount of interior decorating to get started on. It is currently in a sad state, lacking furniture and décor as well as requiring a much needed paint job. My bedroom is especially awful and is in need of a little TLC. By a little, I really mean A LOT. And as a college student with a limited cash flow, I can’t really afford a lot of TLC right now.  Solution: I’m hoping with a little creativity, combined with my passion for bargain hunting and some superior interior paint, I’ll create a beautiful space that I can call my own (well at least ‘til next may)! 

First step - paint job

The apartment residents of the past decade have done a number on the walls, and I’m guessing the most recent occupant before me did her best to cover them up with posters and pictures.  I refuse to follow in her footsteps and have decided to face them head on! The three walls with the door, closet, and window will be a painted gray.  I'm thinking Stainless Steel. The one and only uninterrupted wall is where I’m going to go a little crazy and add some much needed interest to the room by painting a one of a kind pattern! Now I’m no artist with a brush, I much prefer the virtual kind. So when I decided on this course of action, I did a little creative problem solving and have come up with a fool-proof method of execution.  All I’ll need is a laptop, a projector, a pencil, and some (California) paint.  I can project the pattern from my computer onto the wall, then trace, paint by number and VIOLA! Stress free pattern creation (and it’s cheap too)! Take a look...

original pattern creating by moi!

Original pattern created for a class assignment.

Floor Plan

Floor plan. I'll project the pattern onto the left wall.  I'm renting the projector from my school's equipment room for free! BONUS!

Stainless SteelDEW380 Sugar SugarModern ElegancePop Art

My Color Palette: Stainless Steel D-1, DEW380 Sugar Sugar, Modern Elegance D-10, Pop Art D-14 (click color chips for color details)

retouched pattern

Retouched pattern to mimic end result! Fingers crossed!

beforeafter (hopefully)

Before and (potential) after. Personally I think the end result will look 1,000 times better!

view from doorwindow, closet, door

Window, closet, and door opposite the "to-be-patterned" wall. These walls will be painted Stainless Steal.

This interior paint project isn’t going to happen overnight.  I’m guessing that with my school currently being 3 hours away and my busy schedule, it’s going to last all summer! Not a problem. It will give me so much more to blog and share with you all, while slowly adding to the anticipation of the final result! By now I know you are just as excited as me! I’m still busy planning so I’ll check back in with more details soon!

Until Then!


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