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From the Intern's Desk: Staff Spotlight

Posted on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 04:10 PM

If you haven't noticed, California Paints has launched a new blog! We are excited to introduce one of the featured bloggers - our intern Victoria. This is Victoria's second summer with California Paints. Her creative and fresh ideas have inspired many of our marketing initiatives, and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of our team. Keep an eye out for her color savvy blog posts this summer!

A Colorful Introduction: Meet Victoria

As a young girl, my life was a constant chaos of crayons, paint, and construction paper.  As a young woman, I’ve found that hasn’t changed much.  This is partly due to my DIY nature as well as my decision to concentrate on graphic design in my undergraduate career.  However, I also believe credit is due to the FABULOUS internship I have here at California Paints!  It’s basically every girl's dream job they never knew they wanted!  Who wouldn’t want to play and learn about color and paint all day? As a graphic design and marketing major, I’ve found my perfect nook in this position.  I get to explore my interests, while gaining valuable knowledge on the paint and color industries. I mean who knew that paint didn’t come pre-tinted at your local hardware store? I sure didn’t! So here I sit, a color extraordinaire / paint expert in training, ever so willing to share my new found knowledge with you! As a contributor, I’ll explore the inside scoop on color theory, schemes, and paint 101 / DIY from my skilled colleagues and industry experts here at California Paints. I invite you to join me on this learning adventure.  Hopefully by the end of my time here, WE can all say we learned a thing or two about paint and color!


color scheme survey


Click Here for more of my color schemes inspired by the 20th Century Colors of America and Historic Colors of America palettes!

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