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Top 3 Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Posted on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 03:14 PM

Whether you are in the market to sell your home or are simply looking to enhance its natural curb appeal, changing your home's exterior paint colors can have a dramatic impact on your home's appearance.  Selecting paint colors can; however, be challenging and more than a little intimidating.  Here are some tips to follow when selecting paints for your home's exterior.

Selecting Exterior Paint Colorsexterior paint

1. Be aware of your home's surroundings and its environment.  You wouldn't want to select paint colors that clash with those of your neighbors. Similarly, it would be imprudent to select paint colors that clash with your home's structural details. Before you begin looking at fan decks and paint swatches, it is wise to look at the colors in your home that you can't change, like roofing shingles, brick, slate, and stone accents or features.  These will limit the color choices available to you but you can also use these elements as resources.  A grey roof tile may contain various shades of blue or green, which you could then incorporate into a color scheme, for instance. 

It is important to also consider your home's natural environment.  If the trees and plants around your home change colors in fall, be mindful of how these colors could add or detract from your chosen color scheme.  If you live in a particularly sunny region, you should also be aware that intense sunlight can leave colors looking washed out. 

2.  Think strategically about what you want your home to look like to onlookers and select exterior paints accordingly.  If you own a large home but live on a small plot, you could paint your home a darker color.  This will make the home look more compact but will, at the same time, make it appear more substantial.  Conversely, if you own a small home but want to make it appear larger, you could paint it white or another light color.  If you want to make your home seem shorter, you can paint its upper portion a deeper, darker color and the bottom portion a lighter color.  Obviously, before you can make any of these choices, you will need to think very carefully about the image you want your home to project. 

exterior paintAlternatively, you may want your home to project a sense of history.  If you live in an older home - especially one that represents an immediately identifiable architectural style - you may want to accentuate this quality and select historic paint colors that were popular during the time when your home was built.  

3.  Don't be afraid of using white but don't fear colors.  There is an increasingly broad spectrum of exterior paints available and, as a result, homeowners are becoming more confident about selecting paint colors.  Many homeowners now use tinted neutrals to complement their landscaping and building materials.  The mid-tone values of neutrals are also becoming more prevalent.  What this means is that you should not be scared of color when selecting your exterior paints.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with painting your home white.  White can make your home look larger and more inviting, and it will last longer in a sunny area since it repels UV rays.  Most importantly, though, white lends a stately grace to a home. 

Choosing the exterior paint colors for your home shouldn't be a cause of stress, and while it may be a challenge it also represents an opportunity for you to display your creativity. 


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