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Mid-Century Modern Colors for Interior Paint Inspirations

Posted on Fri, Mar 02, 2012 @ 03:04 PM

Mid-Century Colors

describe the imageMid-Century Modern colors are known for their bold, deep hues. Earth tones dominated exteriors, while interiors featured modulated neutral shades like bone, gray-beige, pearl gray, and taupe with saturated accents in fuchsia, teal, and chocolate.

California Paints Teal Accent


Teal Accents

Vibrant jewel tones, like California Paints' Teal Accent, were a hallmark of the interior decoration of the mid-century modern home. This brilliant teal originated in a 1957 wallpaper, but similar shades found their way onto many features in the home including exterior trim and cabinetry in kitchens and baths.


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Today you will find similar teal tones in furnishings, exterior trims, and interior paint schemes. Don't be afraid of bold hues on your walls. Most find these saturated colors quite inviting. It pairs surprisingly well with everything from whites and sandy neautrals to toned blues and warming red highlights. 


 Neutral Hues



California Paints' Conservative, a light peachy tan, came from a 1957 wallpaper. The hue provided a neutral background color for the bold, saturated chocolate brown, burgundy and evergreen shades that were a feature of the mid-century modern color palette. "Modern" interiors proclaimed their individuality through the widespread use of white or pale walls, "natural" wood paneling, and deeply-saturated contrasting accent colors.


California Paints' 20th Century Colors of America palette features 130 authentic colors. Color experts from Historic New England, working in partnership with California Paints, have analyzed every color in the collection to accurately record each color’s point of origin. Colors have been segmented by design era. You can rediscover all of the Mid-Century Modern colors, since each of their colors features a biography on how the color was utilized during its time period. 

What colors remind you of the Mid-Century Modern design era? Do you already incorporate similar shades into your home decor?

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